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  • Before Paul McCartney, Heather had her sights set on Mick Jagger.(Mirror)

  • The Daily Mail covers Heather Mills’ waltz on last night’s Dancing with the Stars. Gotta hand it to the lady: she’s really bringing it on the dance floor each week.
  • Danielle Lloyd, disgraced Miss Great Britain and humiliated reality TV star, has somehow pulled another piece of hot footy totty, Charlton striker Marcus Bent. Guess she can’t be racist if she’s schtupping a black man, right?(Daily Mail)
  • What are Ant and Dec, who will host their own U.S. game show, really like? “But the most important element of all is that they do everything together. Even since Ant got married last year they have dinner together more often than not. They do their shopping together in the local supermarket in Chiswick – you see them walking around putting the same things in their little baskets.” Yeah, that doesn’t actually help the gay rumors.(Daily Mail)
  • Arctic Monkeys‘ songs were great at their Guildhall show, says The TimesDavid Sinclair. Shame about the acoustics.
  • What would playwright Joe Orton, the subject of Stephen Frears‘ 1987 pic Prick Up Your Ears, think about today’s culture? The Guardian‘s Will Hodgkinson says he’d be quite pleased: “He was ahead of his time in recognizing the dramatic potential in the absurdities of working-class life: a recent Coronation Street storyline about the single mother Tracy Barlow murdering her boyfriend before seducing a teenager is pure Orton. And he never underestimated vulgarity, which makes one think that, had he lived, he would have approved of Big Brother, Jordan, and Heat magazine. With the exception of gay marriage (he liked his encounters furtive), Britain has moved towards Orton’s way of thinking.”
  • Jordan and Peter Andre hit L.A.(Hello!)
  • Radiohead has posted footage of themselves in the studio on their website.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.