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Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is the 24th best restaurant in the world, according to S. Pellegrino’s latest survey. He falls behind two other London eateries, Nobu (No. 17) and Hakkasan (No. 19). The charmingly named Fat Duck, located in Bray, England, was the second-best restaurant, behind Spain’s El Bulli.

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In other news:

  • Heather Mills was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night. I’m surprised Victoria Newton didn’t take the chance to gloat about the fall of Mucca – actually I’m surprised she didn’t fly to L.A. and kick the leg out from under Heather herself – even though Heather did pretty well in the competition.(The Sun)

  • Johnny Borrell got girlfriend Kirsten Dunst trashed at a popular Camden hangout. “Kirsten got stuck into the booze and was totally bongoed when it came to chucking out time at 3 am. Johnny did his best to act the Superhero, but couldn’t disguise the fact his missus was completely rat-a***d. “
    (The Sun)
  • Amy Winehouse fetches the mail in her bra. Next time Amy comes to NYC, I’m inviting her to every pizza joint in the five boroughs. Girlfriend needs CARBS and not the kind you get in a Corona. (Thanks, Tanya! Long time, no email!)
  • Prince William is the “1 Thing” that has Amerie trippin.’ (The Sun)
  • Sienna Miller will join into a threesome with Matthew Rhys and Keira Knightley for the new Dylan Thomas biopic, fulfilling The Sun‘s wet dream.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.