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David Beckham's BMW had been reported stolen in Madrid in 2006, but now reports say the car may have surfaced in Macedonia of all places. The new owner? The country's interior minister, Gordana Jankulovska. Jankulovska says she'd gladly return the car if it's determined to be David's. However, she wants to meet him first. From BBC:

The car, valued at £75,000 ($145,000), became property of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia after judicial procedures concluded it had been illegally imported into the country and no owner had claimed it.

"If no owner claims the property, the car can be auctioned or kept for state use", Ms. Jankulovska explained.

She told B92 radio in Belgrade that she was a fan of Beckham and would like to meet him if it turned out that the car belonged to him.

Aw, she's a football fan. One would hope Becks would at least give her his autograph for babysitting his Beemer. Thank God it was in the hands of the respectful Lady Minister and not some crazed stalker who'd lick the driver's seat in the hopes that Goldenballs once rested there.

In other news:

  • Robbie Williams offers to "smack up" Arctic Monkeys for criticizing his friend Mark Ronson's Smiths remake. (The Sun)

  • A pic of Natasha Bedingfield's American boyfriend. (The Sun)
  • Meanwhile, The Guardian slags off Natasha's new song: "I Wanna Have Your Babies."
  • Exports of British programming are on a high. (BBC)
  • Pete Doherty played a solo gig in London last night, in which he dedicated a song to his "fiancée" Kate Moss. (NME)
  • "It" rocker Jamie T. sits down with Telegraph's Helen Brown. He's so cute.
  • Dave Rowntree, drummer for Blur, is running for local council in London. (Pitchfork)
  • Madonna is reportedly headed back to Malawi to adopt another child.
    (Page Six)
  • Matt Bellamy of Muse sees the unfortunate irony of stars flying private jets on the Live Earth tour. At least, that's what I think he sees – his quote in Gigwise is barely coherent.
  • Jade Goody has been fired by her management team, according to The Mirror.
  • The Guardian's Kate Bevan attacks BAFTA for heaping so much adulation on Longford. "Why is Longford, the Channel 4 drama about Lord Longford and Myra Hindley, up for so many gongs? Jim Broadbent, who played the eponymous old duffer, and Samantha Morton, who sleepwalked through Hindley's role, are both nominated for best actor/actress; and it's also nominated for Best Single Drama. But it was rubbish. Long, boring, worthy – I think this one is more about the media world showing the proles how right-on and forgiving we are. If it wins, expect several pages of outrage in the Daily Mail."
  • A man caught cheating on the British Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? says he has endured years of "persecution, violence, and vandalism." (BBC)
  • Mike Skinner wants to get his degree: "I'd really like a qualification for something. After I've finished my last Streets album, the one after this – and I've made my film – I think I might like to study for an Open University degree in cognitive behavioral psychology." (Guardian)
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By Kevin Wicks
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