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Former Not the Nine O’Clock News hottie Pamela Stephenson has been re-born as a licensed clinical psychologist, and she’s offering celebs therapy, which isn’t unusual. What is notable is that she’s offering it in front of a live audience of millions. Last night, the UK’s Channel 4 premiered the weekly “chat” show Shrink Rap. Instead of pulling charming anecdotes out of her guests, the newly re-christened Dr. Pamela Connolly forces stars to confront their demons in a very public and personal way. First on the couch was Sharon Osbourne, and The Guardian‘s Sam Wollaston says she made for electrifying TV. “She’s a psychologist’s dream; abused by her father, locked in a dark cellar, unloved, scarred, tough, driven, famous, vengeful but also forgiving…I have no idea why Sharon Osbourne is telling us all this stuff – or why David Blunkett, Stephen Fry, Robin Williams and Fergie (Sarah, not Sir Alec) are also lining up to spill their souls. Maybe it’s cathartic. But it’s certainly fascinating for the viewer.”

I smell an Americanized version like yesterday. Imagine the millions who’d tune in to see Britney Spears bare her soul on national TV.

Here’s the Channel 4 website.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.