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Life On Mars only just aired its final episode in the UK last night, and the BBC has already announced plans for a sequel. This time, we’re moving forward a decade to the Thatcherite era, and the setting goes from Manchester to London. From The Times:

Today the BBC announces details of a sequel, set in 1981, when Brixton is burning and “nancy-boy” New Romantics roam the streets, which places Hunt center-stage. In Ashes To Ashes, again named after a David Bowie song, the Ford Cortina is replaced by an Audi Quattro, and Hunt has been transferred from Manchester to the Metropolitan Police in London.

This time Hunt is partnered with a sexy, intelligent female DCI, Alex Drake, who is an expert in the modern arts of psychological profiling.

Producers are seeking an actress to play Drake, a single mother described as a rising star in today’s force but who finds herself in 1981 after a Tyler-style accident.

Let me know…are you excited about this new “sequel”? Make some noise in the comments section. It’s getting lonely out here.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.