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You may have read that Alastair Campbell, ham and former right hand man to Tony Blair, shoved What Not To Wear host Trinny Woodall through a door on the Battle of the Sexes celebrity version of the UK’s Apprentice. A bit of searching on YouTube and I found it:

Now, it appears that she was double-teamed: both Alastair and Piers Morgan had a hand in Trinny’s trajectory. Blink and you miss it, but Ms. Woodall goes flying somewhere around 0:15.

The Guardian‘s Janine Gibson watched last night’s episode and was appalled by what she saw. She said Alastair and Piers – unsurprisingly – came off the worst, doing Jade Goody two better, exposing their own sexism, homophobia, and racism. Not only did they attack Trinny, but they bullied openly gay actor Rupert Everett and humiliated the black male winner of the last Apprentice:

Once Everett decided there is no charity worth it and sensibly left the exercise, Campbell and Morgan sat in the back of a car chortling together at what a “big girls blouse” he was. Later they physically threw two stone Trinny Woodall out of a room. Alpha males. (..)

Back in boys’ HQ, Rupert Everett has been replaced with the Apprentice’s last series winner, Tim Campbell. Alastair and Piers having manhandled the woman and made the gay boy cry now waste no time in moving on to the black man. He is immediately their serf. “Do you know how to use a stapler, Tim?” They chirrup while declaring he could be “in charge of administration”. Words fail me.

In other news:

  • You know The Sun just ate up Heather Mills‘ comment that she’s “not a publicity seeker.” But she’s clearly pissed so many people off that even The Independent is taking shots at her.

  • Simon Cowell think he’s bigger than Springsteen. Yeah, right.(BBC)
  • Watch out, Cowell: Louis Walsh is stroppy and vengeful about his dismissal from X-Factor. He tells The Sun: “They said they had bad news for me, I had no idea at all – knifed in the back. Simon blamed ITV, but he’s hiding, he’s such a coward. Everyone knows it’s his show. People know what he’s like.”
  • From The Sun: Walsh’s rumored replacement, David Gest, is dating fellow I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here contestant Malandra Burrows, formerly of Emmerdale.
  • Has Amy Winehouse split from her boyfriend, whom she calls a “calming influence,” to go back to her ex?(The Sun)
  • Is Sienna Miller dating Bryan Ferry‘s son, Isaac? In a paparazzi shot posted by The Sun, she hides her face as she steps out with him.
  • Danny Boyle, director of Trainspotting and 28 Days Later is known for “making actors suffer for their art.” For Sunshine, he forced stars Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, and Chris Evans live in a college dorm together. What a barbarian! He talks to Telegraph about his latest film, his directing methods, and his fear of CGI.
  • Church leaders from Trinidad and Tobago are trying to keep Elton John from performing there in the fear he’ll turn the populous gay. You guys are truly overestimating the sexual appeal of one Mr. Elton John here.(Daily Mail)
  • It has been revealed that Michael Jackson takes on a female identity, Ms. Jackson, to avoid detection on trips to London.(Daily Mail)
  • The remnants of The Beta Band (“Dry the Rain”) have formed The Aliens, and they just released a new album. Alexis Petridis gives a four-star review in The Guardian. “As with the Beta Band, exploratory self-indulgence is rather the point of the Aliens, but here it’s firmly anchored by fantastic songs.”
  • The Sun peers into Charlotte Church‘s finances. “Her books show she is sitting on a £3.6 million money mountain made up of nearly £3million in investments and more than £600k in the bank.”
  • After this week’s phone-in scandal on Blue Peter, The Mirror looks at the dark side of the UK’s most famous children’s show.
  • Orange, a UK mobile provider, has rejected a sponsorship offer from Big Brother due to the Jade Goody racism scandal.(Mirror)
  • Catherine Tate‘s Lauren (“Am I bovvered?”) faces off with Tony Blair in a sketch for Comic Relief.(Mirror)
  • Davina McCall, Kelly Osbourne, and others rock out for Comic Relief. Readers of The Daily Mail aren’t impressed. One particularly stroppy poster says, “Am I the only one who will find ‘relief’ when this ghastly program is finished?”
  • More celeb charity photos: Emma Thompson dons flapper garb for a breast cancer foundation event.(Daily Mail)
  • Ben Freeman, actor from the UK soap Emmerdale, appeared at a preliminary hearing for rape charges.(BBC)
  • With online radio soon going the way of the dodo, let David Bowie be your own personal Pandora. In a column for The Times, Bowie talks about working in a record shop as a youth, and he recommends some music for us, including the new album from the Cold War Kids!
  • Check out the artwork for the new Arctic Monkeys album, Favourite Worst Nightmare.(NME)
  • From Tanya: next week’s American Idol will have a “British Invasion” theme and will feature Lulu and Peter Noone from Herman’s Hermits. And, yes, I too will be stoked if someone sings a Zombies song. “Time of the Season” will suffice. Plus: “holy f*ck, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is amazing.”
  • Still ill: The Who has cancelled more show after Roger Daltrey walked off stage earlier this week complaining of bronchitis.(Gigwise)
  • One-third of all food in UK households is thrown away, says a report. “Around half the food waste is edible, with the rest consisting of items such as peelings, bones, and teabags.”(Guardian)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.