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At least he hasn’t shaved his head: Robbie Williams is out of his Arizona rehab facility and looks to be back up to his old partying ways. The Daily Mail shows Robbie out on the town in L.A….hey, he looks good. Scratch that, he looks better than he’s looked in a while.

However, The Sun claims Robbie skipped out a week early from his “four-week program.”

Last night a spokesman for Robbie confirmed he had left and claimed he had completed his treatment.

However a source at the center said: “Robbie was meant to be here for four weeks but left after three.”

He added: “There is absolutely no star treatment here.” Robbie headed straight back to his home in Los Angeles – and into the arms of his mum Jan, a drink and drug counselor.

Well, one hopes that the Robster continues treatment and gets back to the art of great pop music, which is all I’ve ever asked of the man. Too bad music mags, industry hacks like Alan McGee, and rags like The Sun continue to crucify him. Thank God for Popjustice, who live up to their name by celebrating Robbie’s new single, “She’s Madonna”: “It is probably the least-bothered-about Robbie single in history, despite being one of his six best songs ever…If this is the last single from Rudebox and if Robbie’s next move is to record another bloody ‘swing’ album then it is YOUR fault for not buying this single and the blood is NOT on our hands.” Amen to that.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.