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  • After Joss Stone turned up two hours late for her gig, The Daily Mail began to fear she could become another “Lauryn Hill, high priestess of flakiness.” But they dig her new material. “‘Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now’ had an appealing lazy groove, while ‘Girl They Won’t Believe It’ had more in common with the nu-soul of Jill Scott or Alicia Keys than the vintage stars to whom she has previously been compared.”

  • Anne Hathaway = the next Sharon Stone?: “I had really bad dreams about being chased around and stabbed to death with a quill by [Jane] Austen.”
  • Also: Are Arctic Monkeys and Girls Aloud collaborating?(Daily Mail)
  • TV host Richard Madeley took his anger to the airwaves after his daughter was mugged in west London. But he concedes, “She was stupid to walk out on the street with her phone on display.The one thing everyone has told her is not to walk along a street in central London displaying your phone. To be honest this is NFL: normal for London.”
  • Heather Mills‘ assassination has been greatly exaggerated.(Digital Spy)
  • Will Victoria Beckham get a nose job? Teeth, girl, teeth. (Digital Spy)
  • Interviewed by NME, Matt Bellamy of Muse claims the band was nearly involved in a plane crash after they received their first NME award. “We had to fly to a gig in this small plane and one of the engines caught alight as it was going down the runway, luckily it didn’t blow up.”
  • What kind of fresh f*ckery is this?: Amy Winehouse confirms that “Back to Black” will be her new single, and she’s appearing on Letterman soon.
  • Jarvis Cocker (who appears in BBC AMERICA’s documentary, BritPop: Live Forever) says that there will be no Pulp reunion, but at least the band isn’t all bitter like The Smiths. “The members of the group are all in touch with each other and all friendly, there have been no deaths that I know of. So there is no barrier other than the fact that at the moment I can’t really see a point. If it was to seem like the right thing to do then there’s no reason why not, but I am certainly not planning it at the moment.”
  • James McAvoy will star in the comic book film Wanted. He was cast after the director, Timur Bekmambetov, spotted him in the BBC version of Macbeth, which aired on BBC AMERICA last year.(Guardian)
  • In his Guardian blog, Alan McGee decries the state of the UK alt-music magazine and says it pales in comparison to its US counterpart. Commenters quickly step in to cite UK underground mags like The Wire, The Sound Projector, Plan B, Wears The Trousers, Froots, Songlines, Straight No Chaser, and Socialism.
  • Oh, the irony Borat is a human rights victim, according to a government report citing abuses in Kazahkstan. “The government deemed as offensive the content of a satirical site controlled by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and revoked the .kz domain,” the report said.
  • The Guardian leads the British Press Awards nominations with 11 mentions. Anglophenia fave Victoria Newton of The Sun received a nomination for Show Business Journalist of the Year.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.