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The Guardian‘s Angus Batey says Joss Stone‘s live performance at Koko was “a revelation, that powerful voice stronger, more emotive than ever. She sashays, shimmies and shakes her way around the stage, and even her (occasionally too lengthy) between-song soliloquies seem the result of a need to be understood rather than scripted bonhomie.” Although she’s seriously let down by her band, Batey adds. “Sure-footed and competent, they ruthlessly remove the rough edges the music needs.”

She’s also being let down by her family members: The Sun reports that, at that same gig, Joss’ father Richard and her younger brother Harry got into a fistfight and were ejected from the club. “Harry was steaming drunk and Richard was trying to get him out of the venue and into a car. Harry wasn’t happy about it and they had a scuffle and ended up falling down some stairs.”

Listen to Joss’ new album here.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.