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David Tennant's Doctor will command the Tardis for another day: Russell T. Davies confirms a fourth season for Doctor Who.

This will be Freema Agyeman's first outing as sidekick on the show; she replaces the mega-popular Billie Piper. The Times interviews her about her journey from stacking shelves at Blockbuster to entering the Tardis.

Tennant and Agyeman lock lips in Season 3's first episode – and Who fans are flipping out over at The Daily Mail. David Tennant tries to explain it away: "It means nothing, it was just a genetic transfer." The story of my sex life.

Life On Mars' John Simm will appear on Doctor Who, it has been confirmed.

In other news:

  • Baby, you're a star: Amy Winehouse enters the Billboard 200 album chart at No. 7. (BBC)

  • Winehouse has befriended Courtney Love. (The Sun)
  • The British music industry is sexist, claims Telegraph's Neil McCormick.
  • Three arrests in the 7/7 attacks case. (BBC)
  • A former British footballer and a nanny pleaded guilty to "outraging public decency" for having sex in public. (The Sun)
  • The site for Charlotte Church's wedding, a Welsh castle, is said to be a "top spot for doggers." (The Sun)
  • Julia Sawalha, Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous, has a 5-minute interview with The Independent. "People say I'm wild and a party animal, and others think of me as Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous, so people are very confused about what I am. In my youth I went to a lot of parties, but I've calmed down a lot as I got older."
  • The Proclaimers talk to The Sun about their No. 1 fan, Little Britain's Matt Lucas, who recently remade their hit, "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" for Comic Relief.
  • David Walliams has a pink iPod filled with ABBA, Pet Shop Boys, and Elton John, and The Sun's Victoria Newton pulls out her trusty Gay-O-Meter.
  • Nadine Coyle's boyfriend, Jesse Metcalfe, has checked into rehab.
    (The Sun)
  • Knicker, please: Coyle is "disgusted" with celebs who step out without underwear. (The Sun)
  • Where did Channel 4, once home to shows like Father Ted and Queer as Folk, now home to Celebrity Bigot Brother, go wrong? (Guardian)
  • The Guardian presents a who's who to the film, Amazing Grace.
  • Calvin Harris, a rising star in UK music, bashed Bloc Party in NME. "A lot of these people think they're changing the world with their music, but actually they're just boring the sh*t out of everyone. Like Bloc Party – they are rubbish. They make very tedious music. What kind of person is going to make all this music and not make one single tune? What's the point?"
  • The TimbalandColdplay collaboration is on. (NME)
  • Record producer Dallas Austin has apologized to Joss Stone for saying that she's "overfriendly with producers in return for songs." (Mirror)
  • The Daily Mail is "concerned" about the decline of Joss Stone, who gave an "interview" to security guards backstage at the Brit Awards.
  • Also, they claim George Michael is looking "old" and "frumpy" these days: "With a well known penchant for smoking cannabis which has seen him arrested for being asleep at the wheel, maybe George's 'munchies' are contributing to his expanding waistline."
  • Mel C. now says the Spice Girls reunion is on. Maybe. "I've spoken to all the girls and yes, we'll do a one-off reunion for a big enough occasion or cause." (Mirror)
  • Brett Anderson talks to Telegraph about his first post-Suede solo record. "I didn't think I'd ever go solo. I always thought I would be in Suede. There has always been struggle or line-up changes to keep me interested, so I never imagined it would stop inspiring me."
  • Naomi Campbell takes a fag break from her cleaning duties. Gotta admit, she looks fierce in her custodial couture. Also, Naomi will guest-edit Britain's GQ after she's finished.
  • The "re-branding" of Heather Mills hits Leno.
  • The Daily Telegraph gets in on the New York vs. London debate in their blog.
  • Mark Ronson defends Robbie Williams' commercially unsuccessful latest album, on which Ronson contributed three songs.
  • After weeks in rehab, Robbie still knows how to jacket. (The Sun)
  • Catherine Tate says Comic Relief collaborator Tony Blair is "one of the finest comic actors of his generation." (Telegraph)
  • Former American Idol contestant Jon Peter Lewis slams this week's "British Invasion" episode. "Why do a British invasion week if you can only get the D-list catalogue of songs? And only book the D-list British invasion celebrities? Is it deliberate? I mean, Idol's got to be raking in enough cash and ratings to rope in whomever they wish. So, what the heck? Maybe they don't want risk Keith Richards' drunken antics on live television? God only knows."
  • A great-looking photo of Rachel Weisz in Sin City 2.
  • Paolo Nutini, profiled in The LA Times.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.