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It seems pop star Mika has come out of the closet…sorta. He’s quoted in The Mirror as saying, “People say, ‘You don’t talk about sexuality because you’re worried about success in the US.’ I say, ‘Have you heard the f****** album? There’s a song about a married man who has a homosexual affair. There’s no enigma.” Which sounds like the biggest non-answer since David Hyde Pierce said, “My life’s an open book. It’s not up to me to read it to you.” Just say “None of your effin business” or don’t say anything at all.

If Mika does in fact crawl out of that gilded closet of his, he has a waiting sugar daddy in Doctor Who producer Russell T. Davies, who reveals an affection for the multi-octave singer in The Independent. “I think he’s the sexiest man. That helps! He’s got lovely, curly hair, which does help.”

I think I smell David Tennant‘s next bisexual sidekick…

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.