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Romola Garai may be a much-buzzed-about up-and-coming star, but she comes off as ungrateful, defensive, and borderline-snippy in her interview with The Independent. It’s understandable that she finds Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights “deeply regrettable,” but she’s been given an opportunity that many other actresses in her place would kill for. Here’s a sampling of Ms. Garai’s bitchiest hits:

About all the costume dramas she’s done: “It’s just that everybody always goes on about how I do so many. But it’s like, excuse me, take a look at the British film industry. If I’d said no to them, then what would I have done? These are the jobs I’ve been offered, and I’ve tried to make the best of them, OK?”

On Hollywood: “… Hollywood? Well, it’s still there, last time I looked.”

About working with Woody Allen: “What can I say? I don’t think we exchanged more than three words together the entire time I was on set, so let’s just say it was an interesting experience, and leave it at that.”

That’s not even counting her dismissive comment about David Walliams, whom she worked with on a TV series years ago. If she hates doing screen work so much, why doesn’t she just stay in London and do her stage work and be happy? Yeah, this young lady had better watch herself.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.