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Oh, and you thought he was bluffing? Prince Harry will, in fact, be deployed to Iraq, which is – as much as we’d hate to see anything happen to his little ginger face – his job. He’s trained for it, his superiors have signed off on it, and he wants to do it. Whether or not one agrees with the war, it’s admirable that Harry would be so gung-ho about serving alongside his countrymen. It’s certainly more useful than milling through London streets and getting wasted at pubs.

Here’s the full Clarence House statement regarding Harry’sdeployment to Iraq.

Hugh Grant says he may play a villain on Doctor Who, according to The Mirror. “I’m in talks about a one-off role. I’d prefer to be a baddie. They’re always more fun.” After the Britney Spears (given her current state – not gonna happen) and Jessica Simpson (let’s be serious here) rumors, it’s great to see a real actor be mentioned for a role on the show. Plus, Grant is delicious as a bad guy, and Russell T. Davies will have to build new sets with all the scenery chewed between him and David Tennant.

In other news:

  • You can watch Kate Moss, Russell Brand, Dawn French, and others hamit up with Matt Lucas and David Walliams for the Comic Relief Does Little Britain LiveDVD. Dominic Cavendish in Telegraph says Ms. Moss, of course, is the draw. “The biggest reason why this DVD will be flying off the shelves, aside from the desire to help poor, hungry Africans and many others, will no doubt be the slimline contribution from supermodel Kate Moss, who drops in as Vicky Pollard’s sister Katie, chavved up to the nines and scowling like it’s going out of fashion.”

  • Ving Rhames has joined Football Wives as an NFL team’s general manager. At least the show’s being true to American athletics by casting black people. Gabrielle Union and Lucy Lawless are also attached to this American remake of Footballers Wive$.
  • Damn it…Morrissey has pulled out of talks to write theUK’s Eurovision entry.(NME)
  • Gareth GatesPop Idol winner and Britain’sanswer to Justin Guarini (or is that Mika?) – isset for his umpteeth comeback.(The Sun)
  • Sienna Miller shares a passionate kiss on the beachwith musician Jamie Burke…and then goes TOPLESS…woohoo!(Daily Mail)
  • Helen Mirren won’t be on Inside the Actors Studio any time soon after this quote: “I hate being respected. It makes mefeel so uncomfortable. When younger actors come up andthey say they respect you, you want to go, ‘Don’trespect me. I don’t want your respect.'”
  • A naughty little boy-child is rocking the UK soapCoronation Street.(Guardian)
  • Alan McGee in The Guardian swears up and down that Mexico, not Britain, hasthe most happening music scene in the world.
  • Does he have something to tell us?: Hot Fuzz‘s Simon Pegg talks about buddy comedies in today’s Telegraph. “I’m quite fascinated by the love thatexists between heterosexual men. You only need towatch Lethal Weapon, seeing Danny Glover cradling Mel Gibson and saying, ‘I’ve got you’. It’s one of the most homo-erotic scenes in any film including gay porn!”
  • Director Ken Russell‘s tip to young filmmakers: make sure you lookafter your actors. And make them shave their heads.(The Times)
  • Has Lily Allen kissed and made up with NME after sheranted that the magazine was sexist? She’s playingtheir showcase at South By Southwest. Also, TheBravery is still around?
  • Lily admits she trashed a hotel room inAustralia. (Female First)
  • Noel Gallagher admits he has respect for former Blurrival, Damon Albarn.(Contact Music)
  • Everyone has one in their family: Gordon Ramsay is trying to get hisbrother, Ronnie, out of a Bali jail after Ronnie’sarrest for heroin possession.
  • The newly 21-year-old Charlotte Church says she’sputting petty feuds behind her. Well, she’s just lost all her usefulness, now hasn’t she?
  • Did Joss Stone unleash a diva rant on ChrisMoyles‘s radio show this morning? Supposedly, shewent off when Moyles asked about her “American” accentat the Brits and defended RobbieWilliams against Russell Brand‘s ribald rehab jokes.
  • They tried to make Joss Stone go to speech rehab, butshe said “No, No, No.”

  • Sophie Ellis-Bextor admits she only went to the Britsfor the goodie bag. “This probably isn’t a very coolcomment but the goodie bags were unbelievable. I got abit obsessed beforehand – I was worried that Iwouldn’t get one! There was a Nintendo Wii, a littlepink Gameboy, some iPod speakers… it was all goodstuff.”

  • Who’s this faux-Naomi Campbell walking around,causing mayhem?
  • Ricky Gervais comes to the aid of a neighbor who lost her dog.(Mirror)
  • Bond rumors of the day: Daniel Craig wants Dr.Quinn, Medicine Woman to play his love interest inthe next 007 film. Jane Seymour previously served as Bond girl in 1973’s Live and Let Die. And is former Bond girl Halle Berry so “desperate” for anotherBond film she’d be willing to do it – for free?
  • The Press Association finds the creepiest picture possible of bomb suspect Miles Cooper, the UK’s answer to Theodore Kaczynski. (Guardian)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.