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Was it a pissed-off Arctic Monkeys fan who did it? That’s what Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs jokes to Pitchfork. It appears that the little traffic accident wasn’t so little–and his injuries were more serious than we had been to led to believe. Wilson says he tried to jump over the oncoming car. To quote his hit, “I Predict a Riot,” that’s not very sensible. Here’s the story, in his own words:

“I jumped over the car, but I didn’t make it, and it hit me in the shins. That kind of flipped me into the windscreen, and I smashed the windscreen, flew over the top of the car, and landed on my knees behind it. And I was so pissed off! I stood up and chased the car for a bit, and it was only after about ten seconds that I realized I was in serious pain, and I had to fall over.

“It was pretty weird, because it was only when I’d gotten to the hospital, and they said I had this weird fluid in my leg that was making it get bigger and bigger, and they had to puncture it. They actually said at one point that I was in danger of losing my leg. I was freaking out! And then, when I was all right, I just cried like a baby.”

Oh, he cried like a bitch. Of course, we have no masculine pretensions…we would have done the same in his situation. Only a Gallagher or a 3 am girl would begrudge him for it. Wilson also expounds on the Chiefs’ sophomore album and its first single, “Ruby”.

In chart news, Mika and Just Jack maintain their chokehold on the UK pop charts. There are also debuts from Fall Out Boy (not bad…for them), My Chemical Romance (obnoxious), and Klaxons (sexy, sexy, sexy).

1. Mika – Grace Kelly
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2. Just Jack – Starz in Their Eyes
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3. Mason – Exceeder
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4. Jojo -Too Little Too Late
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5. The View – Same Jeans
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6. Fall Out Boy – This Aint a Scene, It’s an Arms Race
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7. Klaxons – Golden Skans
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8. My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words
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9. Ordinary Boys -I Luv U
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10. Eric Prydz vs. Floyd -Proper Education
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In other news:

  • BBC Radio will now organize their playlists around songs’ digital release dates. “The chart rule changes, which have already led to unsigned acts making the top 40 and back catalogue tracks hitting the charts, led the stations to take the download release date as their cue. In some cases, songs will have stopped being played on the radio by the time they hit the shops.”(Guardian)

  • Coldplay and Scissor Sisters team up to fight global warming.(Guardian)
  • The Mirror says Robbie Williams is building an indoor pitch inside of his L.A. mansion so he can convince celebs like David Beckham to play on his football team without fear of paparazzi intrusion.
  • The Kasabian boys believe in pre-destination.(Mirror)
  • Need even more Mika backstory? The Mirror talks to the people who knew him when.
  • Sarah Harding may have a new haircut, but she’s still the lush we’ve all come to adore.(Mirror)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.