Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I login with my device?

  • Step 1: Download the app from your device's app store.
  • Step 2: On the app, get the activation code and go to on a computer or mobile device.
  • Step 3: Enter the activation code and log in with your TV provider.
  • Step 4: Start watching full episodes and video extras.

2. Why am I being asked to authenticate with my TV provider to access full episodes on the device app?

Full episodes are offered as a benefit to TV subscribers whose provider offers the full episode service and whose package includes BBC America. We require a TV login to confirm your access. Please note: The device app does occasionally make select full episodes available without requiring login.

3. Which TV providers are available on the connected devices?

Participating Providers

Providers vary by platform

  • Access Montana

  • AcenTek

  • Acme Communications

  • Albany Mutual Telephone

  • Algona Municipal Utilities

  • Allo Communications

  • Alpine Communications

  • Altice One

  • AMC Networks Employee

  • American Broadband

  • American Broadband Missouri

  • American Community Networks

  • American Warrior Networks

  • Amherst Telephone/Tomorrow Valley

  • Antietam Broadband

  • Armstrong

  • Arthur Mutual Telephone Company

  • Arvig

  • Ashland Home Net

  • Astrea

  • AT&T TV

  • AT&T U-Verse

  • ATC Broadband

  • Atlantic Broadband

  • ATMC

  • Auburn Essential Services

  • Baldwin Lightstream

  • Bay Country Communications

  • Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone

  • Bee Line Cable

  • BELD

  • Bellevue Municipal Cable

  • Belzoni Cable

  • Ben Lomand Connect / BLTV

  • BendBroadband


  • Big Sandy Broadband

  • Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative

  • Bloomingdale Communications

  • Blue Ridge Communications

  • Blue Stream

  • Blue Valley Tele-Communications

  • BOLT Fiber Optic Services

  • Brandenburg Telephone Co.

  • BrightRidge

  • Bristol Tennessee Essential Services

  • BTC Communications

  • Buckeye Broadband

  • Bulloch Telephone Cooperative

  • Butler-Bremer Communications

  • C Spire

  • Cable Co-op

  • Cable Systems

  • CableAmerica

  • Cameron Communications

  • Carnegie Cable


  • Catalina Broadband Solutions

  • CC Communications

  • CDE Lightband

  • Cedar Falls Utilities

  • Celect Communications

  • CentraCom

  • Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Cable TV

  • Cherokee Communications

  • Chesnee Communications

  • Cim-Tel Cable, LLC.

  • Cincinnati Bell Fioptics

  • Citizens Cablevision - Floyd, VA

  • Citizens Cablevision, Inc.

  • City Of Monroe

  • CityLink

  • Clarence Telephone and Cedar Communications

  • Clear Creek Communications

  • Click! Cable TV


  • CLT Communications

  • CNSNext

  • Co-Mo Connect

  • Coast Communications

  • Cobalt TV (Mid-State Community TV)

  • Community Cable & Broadband


  • Complete Communication Services

  • Comporium

  • ComSouth Telesys

  • Consolidated

  • Consolidated Communications

  • Coon Valley Telecommunications Inc

  • Cooperative Telephone Company

  • Cooperative Telephone Exchange

  • Cox

  • Craw-Kan Telephone

  • Cross TV

  • CTC - Brainerd MN

  • CTV-Beam - East Alabama

  • Cunningham Telephone & Cable

  • D & P Communications

  • Dakota Central

  • Darien Communications

  • Delcambre Telephone LLC


  • DIRECTV Puerto Rico

  • DISH

  • Doylestown Cable TV

  • DRN

  • DTC Cable (Delhi)

  • Dunkerton Telephone Cooperative

  • Duo Broadband

  • Eagle Communications

  • Easton Velocity

  • EATEL Video, LLC

  • Elevate Fiber

  • Emery Telcom Video LLC

  • Emily Cooperative Telephone

  • Empire Access

  • Endeavor Communications

  • Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation

  • enTouch

  • EPB Fiber Optics

  • EPB Smartnet

  • EPlus Broadband

  • ETC

  • EZVideo

  • Falcon Broadband

  • Fidelity Communications

  • FJ Communications

  • Foothills Communications

  • Fort Collins Connexion

  • Frankfort Plant Board

  • Franklin Telephone Company

  • Frontier

  • FTC

  • FuboTV

  • Full Channel

  • Fusion Media

  • Garden Valley - GVTV

  • Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association

  • GBT Communications, Inc.

  • GCI

  • Genuine Telecom

  • Gibson Connect, LLC

  • Glandorf Telephone Company, Inc.

  • Google Fiber

  • Gorham Tel-Com

  • Grand Mound Cooperative Tel

  • Grande Communications

  • Greenlight Community Broadband

  • Gridley Cable Inc

  • Griswold Communications

  • GTA

  • GVTC

  • H&B Cable Services

  • Haefele Connect

  • Halstad Telephone Company

  • Hardy Telecommunications, Inc.

  • Hargray

  • Harlan Municipal Utilities

  • Hawkeye Telephone Company

  • HBC

  • Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative

  • Highland Communication Services

  • Highland Media


  • Home Telecom

  • Home Town Communications

  • HomeTel Entertainment, Inc.

  • Hood Canal Communications

  • Horizon Cable TV, Inc.

  • Horizon Chillicothe Telephone

  • Hotwire Communications

  • HTC Digital Cable

  • IMU Fiber

  • Independence Telecommunications

  • Inland Networks

  • Inter Mountain Cable

  • Irvine Cable

  • Jaguar Communications

  • Jefferson County Cable

  • Jefferson Telecom

  • Kalida Telephone Company, Inc.

  • Kalona Cooperative Telephone Company

  • Kaptel

  • KMTelecom

  • KPU Telecommunications

  • Kraus Cable

  • Kuhn Communications, Inc.

  • Lavalle Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

  • Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone

  • Liberty Cablevision PR

  • Lincolnville Communications


  • Litestream

  • LocalTel Communications

  • Long Lines

  • Lonsdale Video Ventures, LLC

  • LUS Fiber

  • Lycom Communications

  • M2X Communications

  • Madison Communications

  • Madison County Cable Inc.

  • Mahaska Communications Group

  • Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Company

  • MaxxSouth Broadband

  • Mediacom

  • MetroCast

  • Metronet

  • MHTC

  • Mid-Hudson Cable

  • Midtel Cable TV


  • Minford TV

  • MLGC

  • MontanaSky

  • Mountain Telephone

  • Mountain Village Cable

  • MTA Communications LLC

  • MTC Cable

  • MTC Technologies

  • MTCC

  • MTCO Communications

  • Mulberry Telecommunications

  • Murray Electric System

  • MUS FiberNET

  • Muscatine Power & Water

  • NCC

  • NDTC

  • NEIT

  • NEP Datavision

  • New Hope Telephone Cooperative

  • Newport Utilities

  • Nex-Tech

  • Nextgen Communications

  • NineStar Connect

  • North State

  • NorthState TV

  • Norvado

  • Norvado East

  • Norwood Light Broadband

  • Nsight Telservices

  • NuLink

  • Nuvera

  • NVC

  • OEC Fiber

  • Olin Telephone Company

  • OmniTel Communications

  • OneSource Communications

  • Opelika Power Services

  • Opticaltel

  • OptiLink

  • Optimum

  • Orbitel Comm

  • OTEC Communication Company

  • OzarksGo

  • Park Region Telephone & Otter Tail Telcom

  • Pathway

  • Paul Bunyan Communications

  • Pembroke Telephone Company

  • Penn Broadband

  • Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative

  • PES Energize

  • Philo

  • Pine

  • Pine Belt Inc.

  • Pineland Telephone Cooperative

  • Pineville Communication Systems

  • Pinpoint Communications

  • Pioneer Broadband

  • Pioneer Communications

  • Pioneer DTV

  • Pioneer iVideo

  • Plant TiftNet, Inc

  • PLWC

  • Point Broadband

  • Polar Cablevision

  • Pottawatomie Telephone Co.

  • PSC

  • Quality Cablevision

  • Radcliffe Telephone Company

  • Rainier Connect

  • Red River Communications

  • Reliance Connects- Oregon

  • Reserve Telecommunications

  • Richland Grant Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

  • Ritter Communications

  • River Valley Telecommunications Coop

  • RiverStreet Networks

  • Rock Port Cablevision

  • RS Fiber

  • RTC - Rye Telephone Company

  • RTC Communications Corp

  • RTC Digital Television

  • S&T

  • San Bruno Cable TV

  • Sandhills

  • SC Telco

  • SCI Broadband-Savage Communications Inc.

  • Scottsboro Electric Power Board

  • Scout


  • Service Electric Cable TV and Communications

  • Service Electric Cablevision

  • Sherwood Mutual Telephone Association, Inc

  • Sister Lakes Cable

  • Sjoberg's Inc

  • Skitter TV

  • SKT

  • SkyBest TV

  • Solarus

  • South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative

  • South Slope Cooperative Communications

  • Southern Vermont Cable

  • Spanish Fork Community Network

  • Spectrum

  • Spencer Municipal Utilities

  • Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone, Inc.

  • St John Cable Company

  • STaC-Tv

  • Stanley Cablevision

  • Star Communications

  • STRATA Networks

  • Suddenlink

  • Summit Broadband

  • Sumner Cable TV

  • Surry TV/PCSI TV


  • Swayzee Communications

  • TCT

  • The Community Agency

  • Three River

  • Trans-Video

  • Tri County Communications Cooperative

  • TriCounty Telecom

  • Troy Cablevision, Inc.

  • TruVista

  • TSC

  • Tulalip Broadband

  • TVC Cable

  • Twin Lakes

  • Twin Valley

  • Union Telephone Company

  • United Communications – TN

  • United Services

  • Valley Telecommunications

  • Valparaiso Broadband

  • Vast Broadband

  • Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.

  • Venus Telephone Corp

  • Verizon

  • Vernon Communications Co-op

  • Vexus

  • Vision Communications

  • Viya St Croix

  • Viya St Thomas-St John

  • VNET Fiber

  • Volcano Vision, Inc.

  • VTel

  • Vyve Broadband

  • Wabash Communications

  • Walnut Communications

  • Wave

  • WaveFly

  • Waverly Communications Utility

  • WBI

  • Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association

  • Wellman Cooperative Telephone Association

  • West Carolina Communications

  • West Central Telephone Association

  • West River Cooperative Telephone Company

  • WesTel Systems

  • Wheat State Telephone

  • White Cloud Communications

  • Wiatel

  • Williamstown Cable

  • Windomnet/SMBS

  • Wire Tele-View Corp

  • WTC

  • WTC Communications, Inc.

  • Wyandotte Cable

  • Wyoming Mutual Telephone Company

  • Xfinity

  • XIT Communications

  • Yadtel Telecom

  • Yelcot Communications

  • yondoo

  • YouTube TV

  • Ziply Fiber

  • Zito Media

More are being added regularly so please check back if you don’t see your provider on this list.

When you click to watch a full episode, you will be offered the opportunity to login using the username/password associated with your TV account. You can also sign in via the main navigation menu.

4. What if my TV provider isn't listed?

If your TV provider does not provide the full episodes service, please check back periodically to see if they’ve been added. We are currently working on bringing new providers on board.

5. Do I need to create a new TV provider account to watch on the device app?

No, you can use your existing TV provider username and password to watch on the device app.

6. What if my activation code isn't working?

If your activation code isn't working or has expired, please click on "Get a new code" on the device to get a new activation code.

7. I can watch full episodes on my computer and mobile device, but why isn't my TV provider listed on this device?

Currently, not all TV providers who support the full episode service on and the BBCA mobile apps are supporting the service on this device. We are currently working on bringing new providers on board, so please check back periodically.

8. Do I need a TV provider log in to watch video extras on the device app?

No, video extras are available without a TV provider log in.

9. Why am I being asked to sign in again?

Your TV provider may ask you to re-verify your account periodically.

10. I logged in with my TV provider username/password but when I attempt to play a full episode, I get an error message that says I am not authorized to view this content. What does this mean?

If you have seen this message, it means that you are either a customer of a supported TV company but not a customer who subscribes to BBC America, your subscription is for Internet only, or parental control settings are blocking this content. Therefore, you cannot access the full episode on the device app. If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact your TV company and confirm that you are subscribing to BBC America.

11. Do I need to be connected to the Internet or WiFi to access full episodes on the BBC America app?

Yes, you will need a WiFi or Ethernet connection.

12. Does the BBC America app have push notifications?

Yes, you may enable notifications for iOS and Android devices.

13. Which full episodes are available on the device app?

Typically, you can watch the most recent episodes of in-season BBC America shows currently on-air. New episodes become available on the device the day after they premiere on BBC America and are available for a limited duration. If a show is not in season, you will not usually find episodes on the device, except during special catch-up opportunities.

14. Do all full episodes require authentication with my TV provider?

Sometimes individual episodes are offered without login requirements during limited promotional periods.

15. Which BBC America originals are featured in the device app?

BBC America originals with available full episodes are featured on the home screen. The device app also features our most popular shows.

16. Why is the episode I want to watch no longer available?

We try to have episodes up as long as possible. The latest full episodes are always available in season. We also provide special catch-up episodes of previous seasons.

17. Is closed captioning available on the device app?

You can always count on BBC America originals being closed-captioned on any device you use. BBC America is committed to providing closed captioning for our hearing-impaired viewers. You can go to the device app’s settings and turn closed captioning on or off for all videos. You can also turn closed captioning on or off for individual videos by locating the captions option during video playback.

18. Am I able to resume a full episode that I was watching before I exited the app?

Yes. If you navigate to the 'Recently Watched' page found in the navigation menu, you will see a list of recently-watched full episodes. You can tap on an episode to restart or resume playback.

19. Can I purchase or download a full episode if it's not available on the device app?

Full episodes are currently not available for purchase through the device app. Please visit for more ways to watch your favorite shows.

20. Can I simultaneously sign into multiple devices with my TV provider username and password?

Yes, you can simultaneously sign into multiple devices of the same platform, but your TV provider may restrict the number of allowed devices for concurrent streaming.

21. Is the device app available for download internationally?

Currently, the device app is available for download in the United States, Canada and U.S. territories, including American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, US Military, United States Minor Outlying Islands and US Virgin Islands.

22. I'm experiencing technical difficulties with the device app and video player. What should I do?

Please reboot the device app and sign in with your TV provider. Also, confirm that you are still connected to your WiFi or Ethernet network. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact BBC America with your device app, console model number, software version, BBC America app version and TV provider.

22. I have a question about the device app that is not listed here. What should I do?

Please contact BBC America if you have a question about the device app that is not listed on this page.

23. Have more general questions about BBCA America or want to contact us?

Contact BBC America here.