Jordan Carlos

Jordan Carlos

New York City-bred comedian Jordan Carlos currently stars in MTV’s “I Just Want My Pants Back” and MTV 2’s “Guy Code.” He’s also a regular contributor to, where he’s best known for impersonating President Barack Obama. His other credits include “Nurse Jackie,” “Ugly Betty,” and “The Colbert Report” and Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” and the Montreal Comedy Festival. Follow him on Twitter @JordanCarlos.

Which BBC America character are you?
Toss up… John Luther and other days Ms. Bouquet.

Name your vice – which of the deadly sins could you never give up?
Coveting my neighbor’s wife.

Disclose one thing your best friend doesn’t know about you.
If I weren’t so co-dependent we’d hang out less.

What dead person gives you the heebie jeebies?
The unknown soldier. Who is this guy?

Which cartoon character turns you on?
Jessica Rabbit and Pepé Le Pew’s love interest.

Who was your childhood crush?
Olympia Dukakis. Don’t judge.

Who’s your childhood hero?
Batman. Sure he’s got quasi-fascist underpinnings but have you seen the trailer for “Dark Knight Rises.” C’mon!

What is your biggest fear?
That people aren’t out to get me. Am I that unimportant?

What was your childhood fear?
Choking on a fish bone. It was a big fear for kids.

If you only had 10 minutes to spend $1,000, what would you buy?
I’d get in on the Groupon IPO.

Would you rather be at the helm of a time machine or a rocket ship?
Rocket ship. Black people can only visit the future in time machines.

Would you rather have Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on repeat play in your head for one year or sing it front of public crowd once a day for a week?
I would rather sing it in public for a week. The song lacked soul and I think I’m the man to bring it.

Would you rather live without a mirror or without caffeine?
A mirror. I know what I am.

Would you rather have X-ray vision or the ability to hear every single conversation?
Every single conversation. I’ve got a first-rate imagination.