Episode 4: The World’s Largest Centipede

Dominic Monaghan reflects on his search for the massive scolopendra.

‘Wild’ Caption Contest: Good Grub – WINNER!

Congrats to the Wild caption contest winner, Ray!

“I don’t think I want second breakfast today.” – Ray

Episode 3: Deadly Scorpion Search

Dominic Monaghan reflects on his trip to Namibia on the search for a deadly scorpion.

‘Wild’ Caption Contest: Smiley Snake – WINNER!

Congrats to this week's Wild Things caption contest winner, Laura B.!

Episode 2: Not So Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Dominic Monaghan looks back on his journey to Laos in search of the venomous, massive-fanged creature known as the giant huntsman spider.