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Attend a Wild Things Screening with Dom!


Season Two of Wild Things with Dominic Monghan doesn’t air until March 25, but here’s your chance to catch an exclusive premiere screening… with Dominic!

3 Questions, 2 Biscuits, and 1 Cup of Tea


Find out what Dominic wants a room full of (hint: it involves ranch dressing), and why he just might get a tattoo of the cast of Lost!

New Species of Spider Named After Dom


Dr. Peter Jager announces new spider species discovered during filming of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.

Episode 8: On the Lookout for Lizards

Bearded Lizard
Guatemala is home to the bearded lizard, an endangered creature and one of the most venomous reptiles on the planet.

Dominic Monaghan reflects on low food supplies and close encounters with snakes on his journey through the jungles of Guatemala.

Episode 7: Operation Sting


Dominic Monaghan reflects on his journey to Malaysia to find the giant Malaysian honey bee. What challenges did you […]

Episode 6: Not Your Average Picnic Ant


Dominic Monaghan reflects on his journey tracking army ants through the rainforests of Ecuador.

‘Wild’ Caption Contest: Hooked On You – WINNER!


Hey Wild Things, have a caption for this shot of Dom and a southern four horned chameleon? Let’s hear it!

Episode 5: The Biggest, Baddest Beetle Around

The Giant White Goliath Beetle
Cameroon, Africa's giant white Goliath beetle is one of the largest and rarest insects on Earth.

Dominic Monaghan recounts his search for the giant white Goliath beetle. BBC America: What challenges did you face searching for […]

‘Wild’ Caption Contest: Meerkat Mania – WINNER!


Hey Wild Things, have a caption for this shot of Dom with a meerkat?

Episode 4: The World’s Largest Centipede

The Scolopendra, a giant centipede, is the world's largest centipede, reaching up to 14-inches in length.

Dominic Monaghan reflects on his search for the massive scolopendra.