Episode 3: Deadly Scorpion Search

Dominic Monaghan reflects on his trip to Namibia on the search for a deadly scorpion.

BBC America: What challenges did you face searching for the black, hairy thick-tailed scorpion?
Dominic Monaghan: Getting close to the most aggressive and venomous scorpion on earth was taxing. They will not hesitate to become aggressive of they feel threatened.

What was the most exciting part or biggest surprise on your trip to Namibia?
The heat. The Namib desert is one of the hottest places on earth. Every day it felt as though the sun was pressing me down into the ground.

How did you prepare yourself for the extreme climates?
In every single episode for the first season of “Wild Things,” I travel to very, very hot humid places. I make sure that I drink as much water as I can handle. Thirst is a very poor indicator of dehydration, so you HAVE to drink, even when you aren’t thirsty. Living in LA has helped me adapt to hot temperatures. I wear sun block, sunglasses, and a hat at all times – apart from when I’m filming. Seek shade. DRINK WATER!

‘Wild’ Director of Photography, Frank Vilaca, talks desert grit and torrential downpours.

BBC America: What difficulties did you face filming in Namibia?
Frank Vilaca: The greatest challenge filming in Namibia was the desert sand. In fact, one of the cameras packed it in due to the fine grit that got into everything. The back up plan for that was our back up camera – in all our travels on “Wild Things,” production built in redundancies in the event of equipment failure. The desert sand was probably the hardest on the equipment in the series.

What was the most memorable moment from your trip?
My most memorable moment in Namibia was getting caught in a torrential downpour at the Brandenburg plateau. The desert road turned into a quagmire – we were a foot deep in mud. Dom put the Land Cruiser into 4-wheel low and kept on moving in an amazing lightning storm. The road was a complete washout, but Dom kept it together. Of all the locations, Namibia was my favorite – stunning landscapes, starry nights and Wolfgang was the best fixer ever. For those who don’t know, a fixer is a person who arranges your stay in a country, takes care of permits and tries to make your days go smoothly as possible.

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