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Episode 6

Chandler is under stress after the shootout and the death of McCormack. With the clock ticking and little to go on, Buchan reminds Chandler of former Inspector Nipper Read’s mantra, ‘attention to detail.’ The team resume their investigation, helped in part by the enigmatic Jack Cheshire. But tensions begin to surface, and Buchan is forced to reveal his own investigations—into the disappearance of Miles‘ father. The shocking revelations bring some new leads, and when ‘Blonde Boy,’ Jimmy’s Partner, is revealed to be a woman, the team questions what else could be fake about Jimmy?

Chandler challenges Jimmy to a boxing match in order to obtain his DNA and with Buchan deftly stealing Ronnie’s DNA from an old envelope, the team attempts to see if the twins really are Ronnie’s sons as their mother so resolutely claims them to be. Will the DNA prove the twins are real successors to Ronnie, and will Chandler finally get his man?