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Episode 5

With no leads to go on, a frustrated Miles informs Chandler that the copycat killer has struck again, as a man called Billy Bunhill is shot dead in a former Kray haunt. A barmaid offers up a name—Jimmy Kray. The team are stunned when an interview with Jimmy’s mother, Angie Brooks reveals a former relationship with Ronnie Kray which resulted in identical twins—Jimmy & Johnny.

The team focuses on the twins, finding that they are genuine criminals, although Cazenove believes them to be nothing but small time thugs. But Chandler insists on pursuing the twins, realizing in the process that he can no longer trust anyone—even his colleagues. Not even snout, Jack Cheshire, seems able to help Chandler and with little to go on, his OCD worsens.

A suggestion from Buchan to meet the twins results in a massive shootout—is there any way that Chandler will be able to bring down the Krays?