About the Show


From the producers of the Emmy Award-winning “Downton Abbey” and starring Rupert Penry-Jones (“MI-5,” Cambridge Spies”), Phil Davis (“Sherlock,” Bleak House) and Steve Pemberton (“The League of Gentlemen,” “Viva Blackpool”), comes three distinctive, dark and chilling crime stories.

Season 3 finds Detective Inspector Joseph ChandlerDetective Sergeant Miles and Edward Buchan spreading their investigations beyond the boundaries of East London’s Whitechapel, as they peel back layers of the East End’s most gruesome history. They have rescued a huge crime archive, a vast but chaotic collection of files and papers beneath the incident room, and Chandler is convinced that the crimes of the past hold the key to solving murders in the present.

Ed Buchan joins the unit as their historical advisor and begins eagerly sorting through this treasure trove of primary sources, and it’s not long before the team have their first case and the race is on to find the killer. The East End will once again provide fertile ground for murder, body-snatching, poisoning and gruesome discoveries, as the team’s present day investigations echo three hundred years of crimes committed in the city’s darkest recesses.