Season 1 Episodes

Episode 6

The Sea of Trees

It’s 1990; the flat is for sale and Orla organizes a reunion for the seven flatmates.

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Episode 5

The Eye of the Needle

We flashback to 1982 where Jay and Orla are summoned to intervene in Jack’s heroin addiction.

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Episode 4

The Personal is Political

Five former flatmates await the arrival of the sixth. The group flashback to 1982.

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Episode 2

Eve of Destruction

The flatmates remember 1967.

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Episode 1

The Past is a Foreign Country

Memories are triggered from 1965 when Charlotte arrives at the flat after the death of one of her recently deceased old roommates.

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Episode 3

The Dark Side of the Moon

A fourth flatmate arrives as the old gang continue to clear out the flat and remember their complicated pasts.

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