‘Which ‘White Heat’ Character Are You?’ Answer Sheet

Mostly A’s

Charlotte. Your heavy idealism and strong sense of duty means you may give your heart away too swiftly, but your intelligence always allows you to land on your feet.

Mostly B’s

Lilly. You are a restless, and at times, reckless soul who allows the wind to decide for you, but you have talent and heart that makes people love you.

Mostly C’s

Jack. You generally don’t take others feelings into account before you act, but you have an inert charm and sense of duty that draws people in.

Mostly D’s

Alan. You are the quintessential geek who enjoys solving puzzles and winning debates. You are also kind and deeply care about everything you become involved with.

Mostly E’s

Victor. You are incredibly philosophical and stoical, but your calming sensibility is what people love most about you.

Mostly F’s

Orla. You have a way of taking on helping the misfits of society and wanting to fix them, perhaps in hopes that they fix you. But a little more occasional selfishness couldn’t hurt your cause.

Mostly G’s

Jay. You have skeletons in your closet that you let gather cobwebs, but your easygoing manner and book smarts keep you out of trouble.

‘Which ‘White Heat’ Character Are You?’ Answer Sheet