Which ‘White Heat’ Character Are You?

A house of seven drastically different strangers can get, well, messy! Take the quiz below to see which ‘White Heat’ character you most identify with.

1. You are trying to decide on your college major. Which do you choose?

A)- Sociology

B)- Art

C)- Political Science

D)- Computer Science

E)- Philosophy

F)- Psychology

G)- Microbiology

2. You are asked out by one of your housemates. How do you react?

A)- Say yes, and fall hopelessly in love with them

B)- Sleep with them once and never speak of it again

C)- Say yes, but only after moving out of the house

D)- Sleep with them, and then lead them on for centuries without ever actually going on a date

E)- Wait until they’re ready to date after their recent rebound

F)- Don’t take them seriously and ignore it

G)- Decline, because you are more into same-sex dating

3. You are invited to an anti-war demonstration. What do you do?

A)- Get caught up in it through the eyes of someone else

B)- Participate willfully

C)- Participate violently

D)- Stay at home

E)- Participate and get arrested

F)- Participate, but hang in the shadows as to not attract attention to yourself

G)- Participate passively

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A)- Journalist

B)- Painter

C)- Engineer

D)- Politician

E)- Lawyer

F)- Therapist

G)- Doctor

 5. What is your favorite pastime?

A)- Reading feminist literature

B)- Thinking of conceptual ideas for art pieces

C)- Lecturing people on social injustice and ‘The Man’

D)- Playing with gadgets

E)- Keeping up with the news and reading current affairs

F)- Helping those in need

G)- You don’t have time to have a pastime, you’re too busy studying

6.  When you go to a party or a social gathering, you…

A)- Blend in

B)- Stand out

C)- Get wasted and make a scene

D)- Find the one grown up in the room to talk about serious issues

E)- Quietly sit in a corner and contemplate how people interact with each other

F)- Attempt to have fun, but are secretly thinking about all of your troubles

G)- Disappear into a secret room and have your own party

7.  How do others perceive you?

A)- Smart

B)- Talented

C)- Needy

D)- Geeky

E)- Intuitive

F)- Giving

G)- Secretive

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Which ‘White Heat’ Character Are You?