About the Show

“White Heat” charts the lives of seven flatmates and their relationships with one another. Charlotte, Lilly, Alan, Jay, Orla, Victor and Jack, who once shared a flat in Tufnell Hill in the 1960s as students, have since reunited after word that one of them has passed away.

Set amidst the backdrop of a world on the brink of change, “White Heat” takes us for a political, social and emotional joy ride through the late 20th century’s most compelling decades, while also examining the complex, volatile, life-affirming and life-changing events for the seven friends. The cast of characters include the rebel with a cause Jack, played by Sam Claflin (“Snow White and the Huntsman”), the beautiful artist Lilly, played by MyAnna Buring (“The Twilight Saga,” “The Descent”) and the radiant and fierce Charlotte, played by Claire Foy (“Upstairs Downstairs,” “Little Dorrit”).

The mini-series, written and created by Paula Milne, (“The Virgin Queen,” “I Dreamed of Africa”)  is somewhat autobiographical, focusing heavily on the women’s movement. “What women went through in the ’60s was seismic. So I wanted to show that, because you don’t often see it,” she told The Guardian in 2012.

The executive producers for ITV Studios are Paula Milne and Kate Bartlett and the executive producer for the BBC is Lucy Richer.