Favorite ‘Not My Job’ Clips

Listen to some of our favorite “Not My Job” clips with guests Denis Leary, Jane Curtin and Leonard Nimoy, courtesy of our friends at NPR.

1. Comedian Denis Leary plays a game called “Can you tell me how to get … uh … how to get to Sesame Street?” Three questions about the beloved kids show taken from the book “Street Gang” by Michael Davis.

2. Actress and “Saturday Night Live” founding cast member Jane Curtin plays our game called “Something about you … I don’t know what it is … but it’s driving me wild!” Three questions about pheromones, taken from the book “Bonk” by Mary Roach.

3. Actor Leonard Nimoy plays a game called “You’re not that Spock, either.” Three questions for Mr. Spock about the expertise of Dr. Spock, child-rearing.

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