Favorite Brit-Themed Clips

Listen to some of our favorite Brit-themed clips, courtesy of our friends at NPR.

1. “Not My Job” clip about British High Tea:

2. British students give Fonzie-style thumbs up inside of raising hands:

3. British man claims to have been abducted, but he’d just forgotten to set his watch for Daylight Savings Time:

4. MI6 replace Al Qaeda bomb-making instructions with cupcake recipe:

5. British women believe they are shaped like butternut squash:

6. Viewers of The Great British Bake-Off are outraged by squirrel nuts on camera:

7. All about the Royal Wedding:

8. British man pulled over for driving while writing down answers to radio quiz questions:

9. Simon Pegg plays a game called: “And he makes a poke check while head-deking in the crease!” Three questions about an obscure little game called “ice hockey:

10. All about Rupert Murdoch’s most humbling day:

11. Larry King plays a game called “What are you supposed to say when God sneezes?” King is known for his “King’s Things” — bits of wisdom or observations about daily life:

12. British men believe that doing housework is a romantic gesture:

13. All about the London Riots:

14.Jane Goodall plays a game called “He’s Come So Far Since ‘Valley Girl’,” where she answers three questions about actor Nicolas Cage.

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