Adventures In TV, With Peter Sagal

[Ed. note: Our big TV special airs Friday, December 23rd at 8/7c on BBC America. This is Peter’s account of turning our radio show into TV.]

“When you’re done tonight, find me,” said Rebecca. “Otherwise you’ll never get this stuff off.”

Makeup artists are almost always attractive women; I’m not sure why this is, except the subliminal advertising it offers: “if you let me do my magic upon you, you can be as hot as I am.” Rebecca, is, indeed, a very attractive and professional make-up artist, but I took in her vast array of creams, unguents, and tools spread across her work table, and thought that for her, I might be a face too far. Maybe she agreed. She took another look at me, and squeezed something like looked like liquid cement onto a cream base.

“It’s a mixture I came up with myself,” she said. “For circumstances like this.”

“This” was the taping of the BBC America/WWDTM year end special. The Chase Bank Auditorium, our bland but comfortable home beneath a skyscraper in downtown Chicago, had been taken over by Set Builders and Camera Operators and Grips and Best Boys, television elves of every species, who had replaced our small cloth backdrop with an actual set, brought us new furniture, cut-outs that shined our logo onto the theater walls, brand new suits for Carl and myself, and of course Rebecca, in the fantastic hope that I could be made presentable to cable TV viewers.

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Adventures In TV, With Peter Sagal