Season 2 Episodes

Episode 7

Loose Ends

Ten days left to try to tie up loose ends before the Deliverance Team finally hands over to the Live Team.

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Episode 6

Inclusivity Day

Having been shot in the foot with a doctored starting pistol, Head of Deliverance Ian Fletcher discovers that he’s also shortly to be without a PA.

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Episode 5


Thirty two days to go, and Head of Deliverance Ian Fletcher chairs the final ever meeting of the Twenty Twelve Security Committee’s Special Catastrophisation Unit.

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Episode 4

The Rapper

Siobhan’s team design a major sexual health campaign, complete with a rap song (‘Get It On’).

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Episode 3

Clarence House

Clarence House has asked the ODC to look at ways of linking the Twenty Twelve Olympics with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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Episode 2

Boycott, Part 2

The Algerians issue a deadline of midnight for a solution to their demand for a Shared Belief Centre which faces Mecca.

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Episode 1

Boycott, Part 1

The documentary cameras continue to follow the men and women responsible for delivering the London Games as they paddle increasingly hard to keep the games on track and on budget.

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