Sally Owen

Sally is super-loyal, ultra-efficient, and hyper-protective of Ian, for the very good reason that she’s in love with him. This is a love that runs very deep but dare not speak its name, since Ian is married. But, as we know, he’s unhappily married and Sally lives her life in a state of perpetual but silent hope. One day he will surely realize that the smooth cappuccinos and huge, perfectly moist cinnamon Danish whirls with which she selflessly punctuates his working days are actually bought from a small coffee shop a block and a half away because the ones from the coffee chain in the building just aren’t good enough. In the meantime she hits the gym hard and makes the very best of herself while refining still further her extraordinary ability to fulfill, organize and supply Ian’s every last need well before he realizes what those needs are.

About Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman is a BAFTA-nominated actress. She's well known for her comedic roles in shows like "Bruiser," "The Office" "That Mitchell and Webb Look" and "Green Wing."