Episode 10

The Blood Line

Torchwood take their places in a final attempt to find the mysterious Blessing, but the team will have to make a terrible sacrifice for the sake of the entire human race.

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Episode 9

The Gathering

As the stock markets collapse, the world is plunged into recession, and the Torchwood team is splintered, scattered across the world.

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Episode 8

End of the Road

In a mansion in Montana, the Torchwood team makes an amazing discovery about the origin of the Miracle. But before they are able to act, they’re pulled into a trap which will ultimately rip the team apart.

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Episode 7

Immortal Sins

To Gwen’s horror, her entire family has been taken hostage by an unknown assassin. And what’s the ransom to pay? Jack.

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Episode 6

The Middle Men

Trapped within the overflow camps, the team must find a way to expose the inhumane acts they’ve witnessed. But first they’ll have to fight for their own survival.

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Episode 5

The Categories of Life

Torchwood goes undercover to investigate the new Categories of Life system recently implemented by governments around the world.

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Episode 4

Escape to LA

The Torchwood team relocates to L.A. to carry out a major raid on PhiCorp headquarters, unaware that a lethal stranger is tailing them.

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Episode 3

Dead of Night

Torchwood discovers that an international pharmaceutical company called PhiCorp had advance warning of the Miracle. Gwen gets smuggled into the PhiCorp headquarters to investigate.

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Episode 2


Jack Harkness has become mortal, the CIA is turning against Rex and Esther, and a murderer is on the loose. Can things get any worse?

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Episode 1

The New World

At the same moment that everyone in the world stops dying, the CIA receives an email containing a single word: Torchwood. Far away in Wales, Gwen Cooper is living in hiding with her husband Rhys and baby Anwen.

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