Episode 1

Everything Changes

Gwen Cooper starts her journey into a dangerous underworld of savage monsters and alien hunters.

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Episode 2

Day One

A sex-addicted alien wreaks havoc on Cardiff’s nightlife, leaving a trail of gruesome deaths in its wake.

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Episode 3

Ghost Machine

When Gwen retrieves an alien object from a fleeing thug, she’s haunted by a vision of a lonely young boy.

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Episode 4


In the basement of the Torchwood building, Ianto Jones hides a terrible secret.

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Episode 5

Small Worlds

Supernatural forces stalk the suburbs of Cardiff: are they friendly or malevolent?

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Episode 6


Torchwood investigates a series of shocking and gruesome deaths in the village of Brynblaidd in the picturesque Welsh Brecon Beacons.

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Episode 7

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Tosh is given an alien pendant which enables her to hear other people’s thoughts.

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Episode 8

They Keep Killing Suzie

Torchwood is linked to a series of brutal murders around the city.

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Episode 9

Random Shoes

When Eugene wakes to find himself (a) dead and (b) invisible to the rest of the world, he knows something has gone wrong.

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Episode 10

Out of Time

When a plane from 1953 makes an unexpected landing in present-day Cardiff, its three passengers are shocked to learn that they can’t return to their own time.

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Episode 11


Savage aliens are being kidnapped from the streets of Cardiff, and Torchwood wants to know why.

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Episode 12

Captain Jack Harkness

While investigating reports of ghostly music, Jack and Tosh find themselves stranded in a packed dance hall in 1941.

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Episode 13

End of Days

The rift has been opened, and time is splintering all over the world.

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