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Winter Olympics Special

  • XC90 vs. Audi Q7: Jeremy Clarkson and a Volvo XC90 race James May and an Audi Q7.
  • Cold climate: Richard Hammond finds out whether he can survive cold better than a Citroen C1.
  • XK8 vs. skater: Jezza races a Jaguar XK8 against a speed skater. On ice.
  • Disco vs. XK8: James May and Clarkson compete in the Land Rover Discovery and Jaguar XK8 on a frozen lake.
  • Bobsled vs. Mitsu: Hamster and a bobsled team take on Captain Slow and a Mitsubishi rally car.
  • Swift hockey: May and Hammond play ice hockey with Suzuki Swifts.
  • Mini jumper: The team finds out whether a rocket-powered Mini can out jump a skier.