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Best of '12 and '13 Specials

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May star in a compilation of their finest moments from Season 19 featuring amazing challenges, spectacular stunts and a small amount of bickering as well as another chance to see a classic celebrity guest in the Reasonably Priced Car.

In Episode 1, Richard Hammond drives the Pagani Huayra and finds it to be a supercar with innocence, fanatical attention to detail and savage speed. Jeremy Clarkson and James May play rugby with the Kia Cee. F1 star Lewis Hamilton returns for another lap of the Top Gear track.

The boys embark on an epic road trip across the western side of the United States in three front-engined supercars. With Jeremy in a Lexus LFA, Richard driving the new Dodge Viper and James choosing the latest Aston Martin Vanquish a glorious soundtrack is guaranteed, as are furious arguments about which is best as the trio head from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and on to Palm Springs.

Along the way they power around race tracks, dodge airborne attacks and make a break for the Mexican border with a terrifying penalty for the last car to make it. Back in the UK Jeremy attempts to build car that’s even smaller than the famous Peel P50 and then tests it out on the streets of London before putting his concept to the ultimate test of credibility in the fearsome Dragons’ Den.

In Episode 2, the boys set off on another classic race across Europe, from Wembley to the San Siro stadium in Milan. Jeremy, as always, travels by car, Richard and James by public transport. Jeremy has won every race… So this time Jeremy has a restricted budget. His car can cost no more than £35,000.

Jeremy chooses a 662 horsepower Shelby Mustang GT500 whilst Hammond and May pin their hopes to the ever-improving pan- European rail network. James May reviews the Bentley Continental GT Speed with the help of rally driver Kris Meeke across a gruelling fifteen mile Welsh rally stage. Mick Fleetwood is the star in a reasonably priced car and Richard Hammond is in Mexico for a nervous road test of the Mastretta sports car.

Premieres Monday, April 15 at 9pm ET and Monday, April 22 at 9pm ET.