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The NSX on the Playstation

  • Golf vs. 1-Series: Jeremy Clarkson compares the VW Golf R32 and theBMW 130i.
  • Sprite vs. 306: Richard Hammond and James May find out whether an Austin Healey Sprite or modified Peugeot 306 is quicker up a hill climb.
  • MX-5 vs. greyhound: Hamster races the Mazda MX-5 against a greyhound.
  • Little Britons: “Little Britain” comedian David Walliams and comic Jimmy Carr (host of Comedy Central’s “Distraction”) are the pair of Stars in a Reasonably Priced Car.
  • TG Awards return: The “Top Gear” Awards make a welcome return.
  • NSX vs. Playstation: Jezza tries to beat his Playstation time in a Honda NSX around Laguna Seca.