Episode 1

The Race to Monte Carlo

Exige vs. chopper: Jeremy Clarkson attempts to evade an Apache helicopter’s missile lock in the Lotus Exige.

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Episode 2

The Nun in a Monster Truck

Hip ‘n’ hop: Richard Hammond takes a look at the blingtastic Cadillac Escalade.

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Episode 3

The Hundred-Quid Car

Pneumatic, surgically enhanced glamazon Jordan, aka Katie Price from “Katie & Peter,” is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

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Episode 4

Car Darts

SportKa vs. pigeon: James May finds out if a Ford SportKa with satellite navigation can beat a racing pigeon.

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Episode 5

Hammond Gets Struck by Lightning

Hatch battle: Richard Hammond compares the Vauxhall Astra, Mazda3 and VW Golf.

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Episode 6

The Poo

Crap cars: Richard investigates whether you can run your car on poo. Yes, but would you want to?

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Episode 7

Lionel Richie Breaks the Liana

Merc vs. Aston vs. Conti: Jeremy Clarkson sets up a drag race between the Mercedes CL 65 AMG, Aston DB9, and Bentley Continental GT.

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Episode 8

Gambon Corner Gets Its Name

Turbulent: Richard destroys some cars with the help of a Boeing 747’s jet engines.

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Episode 9

The Parachute

Ski trip: Jeremy Clarkson tries the four-wheel-drive Jaguar X-Type estate and goes skiing. At the same time.

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Episode 10

The Olympic Long Jump Challenge

Carlympics: American, French, Russian and Czech bangers compete in the Car Long Jump.

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