Episode 1

The Team Kills Off Old Stig

Back to the ’60s: Jeremy Clarkson gets nostalgic for the ’60s in the new Ford GT. Five on the dice: …

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Episode 2

The Team Meets New Stig

Hello, new Stig: The team gets a new white-suited Stig.

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Episode 3

Hammond Nearly Drowns

Hammond gets wet: Richard Hammond demonstrates the dangers of plunging a car into a swimming pool.

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Episode 4

The Lambos

Lambo go: Jeremy Clarkson reviews the new Lamborghini Gallardo.

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Episode 5

The Hilux Won't Die

Indestructilux: Jezza fails to destroy a Toyota Hilux. Even with added fire!

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Episode 6

The Hilux Still Won't Die

Hi rise: The Toyota Hilux survives the demolition of an entire tower block.

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Episode 7

The Big Boffin Burnout

Smart smoking: A bunch of professors compete to do the best burnout.

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Episode 8

The Top Gear Generation Game

Old vs. new: Hamster’s new cars take on Jezza’s classics in the Top Gear Generation Game.

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Episode 9

There's No Money Left

Misfiring: Jeremy Clarkson gives the Chrysler Crossfire a proper mauling.

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The Best of Show

The boys take a look back at their favorite Season 3 moments!

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