Episode 1

Richard Becomes a Driving God

Driving god: Richard gets a bit emotional driving the Bowler Wildcat.

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Episode 2

The Team Finds the Fastest Political Party

Fastest party: The Liberal Democrats prove themselves the fastest political party on a racetrack.

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Episode 3

David Soul Breaks Two Lianas

Soul man: David Soul (“Starsky & Hutch”) becomes the first guest to break not one, but two Reasonably Priced Cars.

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Episode 4

Clarkson Doesn't Get Bored of Driving

Boredom trip: Jeremy finds out how far he can drive before he gets bored. As it turns out, it’s a very long way.

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Episode 5

Clarkson Doesn't Hate a 911

Clarkson vs. 911: Jeremy begrudgingly concedes that the Porsche 911 Turbo is the best car ever.

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Episode 6

The Team Doesn't Set a Caravan Land Speed Record

Fast caravan: Hamster attempts to set a land speed record for a caravan. And fails.

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Episode 7

Richard Flattens a Portakabin

Race riot: Richard drives a Talon riot control vehicle… over a Portakabin.

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Episode 8

James and Richard Go Camping in Cabriolets

Open-air camping: James May and Richard Hammond take a bunch of Cabrios to the Lake District.

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Episode 9

James Drives From the Backseat

Backseat driver: Jeremy climbs into the backseat to drive the Vauxhall Signum.

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Episode 10

Clarkson Doesn't Kill a Dog

Spare the dog: Jeremy’s Range Rover doesn’t quite survive six months without any breakdowns, but it’s the Land Rover CEO’s bonsai that suffers not his dog.

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