Episode 5

Car vs. Chopper

Richard joins a rocket-powered flying man and someone stops by from the TARDIS.

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Episode 1

The Ferrari Challenge

Jeremy, Richard and James take a road trip across Italy to test three alternatives to the Ferrari 458.

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Episode 2

From China with Love to NASCAR

Jezza and Captain Slow travel to Beijing and Hamster heads to NASCAR-ville, Texas.

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Episode 3

Boys on Film

Meet the newest film stunt coordinators: Jezza and Hamster.

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Episode 4

Braving the Elements

The boys go everywhere from the Arctic Circle to the wild English countryside and back again.

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Episode 6

A Grounded Battle of Britain

The boys go motor racing and Jeremy reenacts the legendary Battle of Britain.

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Episode 7

Motor Racing on a Budget

From the Formula 1 track to the hard rock stage, this episode has loads of pleasant surprises!

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