Episode 6

Sensible Electric Car Test

The Aventador is the fifth V12 Lamborghini has ever created and Richard Hammond sees if the new priority order—handling, acceleration and top speed—makes a difference.

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Episode 5

The Interceptors

The boys give the Jensen Interceptor its proper due, plus fun with army tanks!

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Episode 4

The TG V12 Express

Richard, James and Jeremy attempt to find a cheap solution to expensive trains by utilizing some very cost-effective solutions that may not be the most comfortable or even safest way to travel.

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Episode 3

Cheapest Car in the UK

Jezza wants to know if the lighter, more economical, more powerful McLaren MP4-12C can really be as good as the Ferrari 458.

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Episode 2

Hot Hatches in Italy

The boys head to Italy for some hot hatchback fun that includes making it out of a medieval city center, a scavenger hunt road trip and the race of a lifetime with laps on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit.

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Episode 1

Mini WRC vs. Skeleton Sled

James heads to Lillehammer to race his Mini WRC against a skeleton sledder, plus Richard takes to the streets of South Africa in a 10 ton beast of a machine simply known as the Marauder.

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