Episode 1

Testing Out The Yeti

Jezza sets out to prove why he thinks the Skoda Yeti is the best car… ‘in the world.’

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Episode 2

Nigel vs. Bruce

The cricket rivalry of The Ashes takes on motoring form as the boys duel their Top Gear Australia counterparts in a series of high level challenges.

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Episode 3

Mafia Road Test

During a visit to Albania, the guys find out if a Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG, a Rolls Royce Ghost or a Bentley Muslanne (that looks an awful lot like a Yugo) is the best car for a member of the local organized crime.

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Episode 4

The Dukes of Harlow

James, Jeremy and Richard are challenged to buy used 4-seat convertibles and soon discover similar cars can produce very, very different and disgusting results.

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Episode 5

The Dominator

The boys look to help solve England’s financial issues and keep London from shutting down at the mere sight of snow by making The Dominator–a combine harvester + plow + flame thrower = Awesome!

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Episode 6

Jezza vs. The Almighty

Jeremy Clarkson races the rising sun with an epic night drive from west to east England.

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