Episode 1

Volcano Off-Roading

James May drives the virtually indestructible Toyota Hilux up to an active volcano in Iceland for some very hot souvenirs.

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Episode 2

Sports Sedan Track Days

The boys set out to find cheap sports sedans that are great for everyday use and perform at a track day in Germany.

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Episode 3

Four-Door Supercars

The boys set out to find which large sedan supercar– from Aston Martin, Porsche and Maserati–means serious business.

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Episode 4


The boys are challenged to build stylish, cool and functional motorhomes small enough for European roads.

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Episode 5

Tom and Cameron

Richard Hammond pulls out a new and improved, rally winning Volkswagen Touareg to race two snowmobile legends at a Swedish ski resort.

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Episode 6

Homegrown Sports Cars

The boys get £5,000 to try and prove that British sports cars were not at all less reliable than the “hot hatches” that killed them off.

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