Season 22: Episode 1
Premieres Monday, Jan 26 at 8:30pm ET
Episode 1

The Truck-Driving Adventure

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May buy three cheap delivery trucks, despite knowing almost nothing about the world of trucking.

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Episode 2

U.S. Road Trip, Part Deux

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May travel to the U.S. to take three of the latest generation of muscle cars on an epic road trip.

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Episode 3

The Homemade Evo

The boys take on the challenge of making an ordinary second-hand car lap the test track as fast as a brand new, purpose-built sports saloon.

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Episode 4

Racing on Fumes

The boys are challenged to drive from the heart of Switzerland to the northwestern coast of England on just one tank of fuel.

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Episode 5

Ferrari vs. Powerboat

Richard Hammond celebrates the 40th birthday of the iconic Ferrari Daytona by taking one back to its spiritual home on the Riviera.

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Episode 6

The "Sensible" Fiesta Test

Jeremy conducts a ridiculously thorough road test of the new Ford Fiesta.

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Episode 7

They're Electric

James May travels to California to take a look at what is being hailed as the future of motoring — the hydrogen-powered Honda Clarity.

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Episode 8


“Top Gear” ends Season 12 in epic style as the boys try to travel the entire length of Vietnam in just eight days, on motorbikes.

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