Episode 1

Stig Outruns a Speed Camera

Stig vs. camera: The Stig finds out if a speed camera will flash you at 170 mph. In a TVR.

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Episode 2

A Bus Jumps Not-Very-Many Motorbikes

Bus jumping: Richard discovers how many motorcycles a double-decker bus can jump over.

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Episode 3

Grannies Do Donuts

Granny donuts: We teach grannies how to donut in a Honda S2000.

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Episode 4

The Mondeo Beats the Germans

Mondeo man: Richard Hammond tests the Ford Mondeo against a bunch of other four-door saloons.

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Episode 5

The Team Turns a Rover 800 Into a Bond Car

Golden800: The U.K. “Top Gear” team makes a Rover 800 into a fully kitted-out Bond car… for less than $530.

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Episode 6

The Grannies Learn How to Handbrake Park

Granny parking: The “donutting” grannies learn how to handbrake park a Mini.

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Episode 7

The Team Finds the Fastest Faith

Fastest faith: The team puts religious representatives in an Impreza STi to find the fastest faith.

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Episode 8

Gambon Corner Gets Its Name

Gambon’s corner: Sir Michael Gambon (“Harry Potter”) christens a corner in the Reasonably Priced Car.

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Episode 9

The Stripped-Out Jaguar XJS

Stripped XJS: The U.K. “Top Gear” team finds out how much faster a Jaguar XJS goes with all the nonessential bits cut off.

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Episode 10

The Team Finds Out the Fastest Faith - Again

Fastest faith: The team finds out why Rastafarianism really is the fastest faith.

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