#45-#41 – Top Gear Top 40

#45-#41 – Top Gear Top 40

In 2011, thousands of petrolheads cast their vote for the most outrageous, the most ambitious and the most unreal “Top Gear” auto stunts Jeremy, James and Richard have ever done. The Renault Twingo road test, Caravan Airship, and the race across London were just a few of the 40 challenges that made the cut. Plus, “Top Gear” executive producer Andy Wilman offered his personal spin for each and every one on-air!

Below, check out BBCAmerica.com’s exclusive challenges (#45-41), complete with insider commentary from Wilman!


#45: Parkour vs. Peugeot

#44: Fiat vs. BMX

#43: “Sensible” Twingo Test

#42: VW vs. Snowmobiles

#41: Audi vs. Skiers