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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gillian Jacobs

Hey! What are you looking at? Oh! You’re looking at us here at “The Nerdist!”

That means you must be expecting a hilarious television program on which to train those big, beautiful eyes of yours. Well, you got it.

On tonight’s show we’ve got Joseph Gordon-Levitt, star of “Lincoln,” “Looperand other blockbusters that don’t begin with the letter “L!”

We’ll also have the talented and glamorous Gillian Jacobs joining us – she’s the star of NBC’s “Community!” We’ll pit them against each other in our exclusive Nerdist “celebrity fact check!” Then Matt and Jonah get a personal tour of London given by none other than “Doctor Who” alum Arthur Darvill.

All that, plus comedians Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer, and the usual smart and fun antics you expect from the Nerdist gang like “Nerdist Newsreels”, “Quemments” and more!