Jenna Coleman on ‘The Nerdist’ Podcast

Doctor Who‘ companion Jenna Coleman chats with Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira about her experience as the newest edition to the ‘Who’ family.

‘The Nerdist’ Lads Go to London…One Last Time

Check out Matt Mira and Jonah Ray‘s final bit from their infamous London adventure.

ZOD TALKS with Villains Bane, Darth Vader and More

ZOD Talks features film’s most terrifying villains including Bane from the “Batman” series, Darth Vader from “Star Wars,” Cobra Commander from “G.I. Joe” and Voldemort from “Harry Potter.”

Matt Mira & Jonah Ray’s Favorite Thing

In this exclusive clip, ‘The Nerdist’ lads Matt and Jonah are in London doing their favorite thing…playing video games! Lucky for them Grid 2 developer, Adrian Lawton, is right alongside of them but who needs to talk when you …

It’s Sci-Fi Week on ‘The Nerdist’