Matt Mira Comes Bearing Fun Facts!

So here it is,  Episode 1 of the second season of  “The Nerdist” on BBC America, which we refer to as “The Beeb” around the office.

To avoid confusion with Justin Beiber, however, I will refer to it from here on out as BBCA.











When we got the call that BBCA wanted us to dust off our Nerd shirts ( we wear regular shirts when recording the audio only podcast, which you can download here and fire up the studio lights, we were both surprised and delighted. I honestly can’t remember how many episodes we have done on BBCA but I do know we have done about 350 episodes of the podcast.

I actually have never seen an episode of “The Nerdist.”  I have seen ads for it when I am home watching DVR’d episodes of “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” and “Top Gear,” so I know that they actually do air it and aren’t a bunch of liars.

I don’t watch it because I am uncomfortable with watching myself be uncomfortable in the old chairs we had. But guess what?WE GOT A NEW SET! With super comfortable chairs. I’m almost positive these chairs came from Ethan Allen. So that just goes to show you, no expense was spared!

A view from the stage

Fun Behind the Scenes Fact: We have a total of 6 super comfortable chairs, so if Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond ever want to be on the show, it is totally doable.

My mom watches the show though, and she tells me it is fun. But my mother also thinks I am really smart and a wonderful son, so I can’t trust her opinion. This year I was all done with my old job on “Attack of The Show” which was a show on what used to be G4, but has now been re-named to something else. I’m not sure what. Thanks to all this free time I was given by being canceled, I was able to jump onto BBCA’s “Nerdist” in a much more involved role.

Fun Behind the Scenes Fact: I had 10 days off in between “Attack of the Show” and “The Nerdist,”  and I spent almost all of them on my couch, growing a beard.

So this year I was writing and producing and showing up in pre-taped bits that are really genuinely funny. I was really excited to get on board and start giving the show an even more Nerdist-y voice.

In fact in this first episode we have a running game called “Matt and Jenna vs. Matt and Jonah” in which through the magical powers of the BBC (and a 10.5 hour United Economy plus flight) Jonah and I were able to go across the pond and visit our overlords, and the guy who plays a Time Lord. It’s a fun segment in which we get to know the Doctor’s new Companion (Jenna Louise Coleman), and for the record, she is delightful.

I am really looking forward to this season of “Doctor Who,” and they didn’t even make me write that.











Fun Behind the Scenes Fact: Jenna tenses up if you refer to her as “Jenna Louise” because that’s what her mother would call her when she was in trouble. So if you see her at Comic-con this year, just call her Jenna.

Meeting Jenna and squaring off against Matt and her in a series of made-up pub games was one of my top 2 highlights of the trip. The other was being able to see Top Gear airing first run on BBC2 on Sunday night in my hotel room.

Fun Behind the Scenes Fact: When we are playing “Pin the bow tie on The doctor” in Episode 1, the reason we had to use a picture of Hugh Laurie as Doctor House is ACTUALLY because it was WAY cheaper than using a picture of Matt Smith as The Doctor.

That’s not all we did in the U.K. though, so be sure to watch the full season to find out what else!

Matt Mira