Episode 2

The Gig & The Girlfriend

While blindly chasing Carli down, Simon stumbles into a chance meeting with a girl into music and living on the wild side.

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Episode 3

Will's Dilemma

Will is forced to put his principles to the test when he pits dating a much bigger—and in his book, slightly less interesting girl—against getting ‘some action’ from said girl.

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Episode 4

The Trip to Warwick

Simon’s girlfriend, Tara, proposes they take a trip to her sister’s place in the college town of Warwick so they can have some ‘alone time.’

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Episode 5

Will is Home Alone

Will’s mother goes away on a trip, and Neil, Jay and Simon take full advantage of the unsupervised house, much to Will’s dismay.

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Episode 6

The Camping Trip

Simon gets some disturbing news from his parents that will have a lasting effect on the group dynamic.

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Episode 1

The Fashion Show

What better way for the boys to start their final year than to kick it off by participating in a charity fashion show!?!

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